Gerard Cosmetics and MannyMUA ganged up to harrass a small youtuber who gave Gerard Cosmetics a negative review. Now they want the consequences of their actions to "blow over" and their critics to quietly go away.

If you are interested in updates on what's being happening with some of the people involved in this since May, check this out:

For links to other social media/pages boycotting Gerard Cosmetics click the "Join the boycott" tab above.

I gathered this info from many sources. I have not attributed most of it, because I do do want to connect people to something with which they may not wish to be associated. However, you folks know who you are: thank you so much for preserving and sharing this info. So let's get started...

Here is the video that someone doesn't want you to see. It is a snapchat of MannyMUA and Gerard Cosmetics owner Jen Gerard ridiculing a negative reviewer. MannyMUA snapped it, and then promoted it to his supporters on his other social media, which quite predictably resulted in harassment and threats against the reviewer (who was a small, 10k youtuber), and later against those who supported her.
Watch the snapchat video, and see the time line of other social media material that rose up around this little fiasco. Please do download and share this information, because someone has been trying to hide and suppress a lot of it.
[update: someone re-posted it on youtube. I hope people will keep doing this. You can watch it below, or go to the youtube channel. ]

Much to his apparent surprise, a lot of people (among them erstwhile followers and supporters) called Manny out for his behaviour. At first he laughed this off while he continued to ridicule the reviewer and her supporters, and to defend his actions. His excuse was that the reviewer was bullying his friend's brand. This characterization of the review is preposterous: a company or brand cannot be bullied. But the excuse itself is interesting, because it suggests that the motive was indeed retaliation and punishment for the negative review, and that it wasn't just a little "joke" that went too far.

In this video, one of these ex-supporters describes what happened, and her experience with calling Manny on his harassment of the reviewer. UPDATE: Niki Murphy has since clarified that she made this video
inaccessible only for one day. She was trying to respect the apology that Manny made in her comments, but when he deleted it, and started saying things in his social media that suggested it was entirely bogus,
she decided to make the video public again. I guess that shows what sort of person he is.
The link to the video on her channel is working if you would like to see it and read comments. here it is if you want to watch the video
on her youtube channel
There has been an interesting development in the comments for this video: specifically that MannyMUA deleted his apology, and that the youtuber found out about more devious
behaviour from Gerard Cosmetics, this time targeting her.
You can read the comments under her video in the above link, or click the "More bad behaviour from Gerard Cosmetics" above.

He expanded his campaign of ridicule and referred to the people calling him on his behaviour as "hoes."

After discovering that a lot of people were not happy about his harassment campaign, and after many demands that he and Gerard cosmetics apologize for their "cyber-bullying" (I prefer the term harassment, myself) of a negative reviewer, Manny decided to snapchat what he called an "apology." I am sorry that I only have the shorter version. I do not have a copy of the version in which he cries, nor do I know what order he posted them in. I will refrain from commenting on what I think of it, and simply post this "apology."
You can also watch it on the original re-poster's youtube page by clicking here

He also had this to say (I hope you will note JenLuv's reply.):

To my knowledge neither Jen Gerard, nor Gerard Cosmetics has made any comment or apology. However, Gerard Cosmetics has been deleting posts about this topic from their social media, and blocking the posters who make them. I have not found a single youtuber who is under an affiliate contract with Gerard Cosmetics that has any trace of these events on their channels or their social media. If you have found one, please link in the comments.

Carli Bybel also called Manny out for being a bully, and disclosed that he had said nasty things about her on social media, even while he was nice to her face. Manny replied to say she was lying, and asked her to show the tweets where he had said anything bad. This was an interesting challenge, coming from someone who had just gone through and deleted all evidence of his harassment campaign against the reviewer from his social media.

Marlena replied to publicly call out Carli, and tell her she shouldn't be publicly calling out Manny, because she thinks publicly calling out is bad. Although she defends Manny, she claims she is not taking sides.

For a longer transcript of the comments, including the fan comments that Marlena was replying to, please click the "Bybel-thumping" tab above.

Now I am asking for the of people who value the freedom of youtubers (i.e. to make honest reviews without the oppressive influence of businesses) to boycott Gerard Cosmetics. Even though Manny was the agent of the posting, I do not believe that Jen Gerard was unaware that Manny was filming, nor unaware of his intention to post the video to social media. I further believe that they intentionally sought out negative reviews so they could retaliate. If you agree, please do not buy products from Gerard cosmetics, and please lend your voice to the cause. Make sure this does not get swept under the rug. If you do not agree, peace, and thank you for listening, anyway. :)

Anyone who has some internet skills, please consider making a mirror of this blog, or making your own site/blog, and including all the evidence. Sharing the info as a torrent would also be good. If we proliferate it, it becomes hard to hide, destroy and deny it.
If you have a (reasonable and respectful) video supporting the boycott, or the youtuber who was harassed, please let me know in the comments. I will post a link to it here.
And if you have more documented information about to the actions of Manny MUA and Gerard Cosmetics, please link to it in the comments.

I am now closing the comments for this page. If you want to ring in on the issue, I recommend that you leave (respectful) comments on one of the pro-boycott videos listed here


I witnessed a lot of these events in real time and I was really disappointed with Manny's behavior mostly. In the past I have seen him snapchat his responses to "haters" (as he calls them) on his youtube videos. I feel that when these actions were taking, he took them to social media knowing his followers would seek out these people and hurl more insults and abuse towards them. And in many cases that is exactly what happened. I saw people comment on his videos saying they saw his snap chat and were searching for the comment. He knows what he did, and JenLuvsReviews worded it so well, he was really just sorry he was caught. I think what Jen Gerard said was in poor taste, I believe she probably knew that she was being recorded, based on the things Manny was saying in the video. Furthermore, I think it goes to show what a bad company it is. The way they try to suppress any negative review. I have always sought out negative reviews on products, not positive ones. I am searching to see what the people thought that hated the product, and I see if I still think it is worth purchasing. It just gives more credibility to a company, and is more realistic than ONLY having positive reviews.

Yeah, I agree--with everything :) And particularly about negative reviews. A well done negative review is some of the most useful product information you can get. I tend to seek those out too. And if I see a product that everyone is raving about, I become extremely suspicious that the company is just paying for positive reviews. That makes me think "Ah, they don't believe in their own product enough to let reviewers say what they really think. Why should I believe in it either?"
Without mentioning any names, there are a few youtubers who are so obviously fake and money-motivated that, if they are giving a positive review, I just assume it is paid advertising, and the product is crap. So paying some of the larger youtubers for reviews has the opposite effect on me than what the company intended. I wonder how many other people are like that?

I am making this second comment because I feel it touches on a different part of the topic. I feel that first of all Marlena's behavior was extremely hypocritical. Many people pointed this out. She worded her comments in such a way to make it seem as though she was being nice and positive toward Carli, but really it was passive aggressive and clearly in support of Manny. It wasn't as obvious to see her hypocritical behavior in the Carli comment thread, but she had been making posts on a lot of other youtube videos that seemed very contrary to what she was saying to Carli. And most importantly, it did not involve her one bit so she didn't need to post at all. Especially not on her company account (because she does have a personal youtube account). That was a bad business decision on her part. And I also find it hypocritical that people supporting Manny, claim that Karina's review was bashing because she was swearing. Manny swears a lot in videos, and gives negative reviews. Just because Karina swore doesn't make it a bashing video. It just all seemed very hypocritical to me. If people want to support Manny, or Gerard Cosmetics, or Marlena, then how about coming up with a logical argument. Instead of an excuse that is very hypocritical and one sided.

Wish there were a thumbs up button :)

So Marlena is saying that it's rude to public shame another youtuber? WHAT DID YOU THINK MANNY JUST DID TO THAT GIRL WHO PUT A NEGTIVE REVIEW? Manny just publicly shame that youtuber who didn't like their products. Maybe she should've privately emailed Carli of she wanted to stick with her words.

super brave of carli bybel <3

I totally agree! Carli deserves a pat on the back, not the bitch-slap she got from Marlena. I actually subscribed to Carli's chanel after that.

Hi, thanks for putting up this site.
I was noticing in the messages on the FB page that some people have problems loading this page on their phones.
Any chance you can fix that?
Thanks again!
PS I have joined the boycott, too.

Thanks for letting me know. I've made some changes. Hopefully it is more phone friendly now. Sorry I'm not really very good at these things.

Unfollowing Carly Bybel as we speak so disappointed in her & how she acted. Her and Nicole -DELETED WORD- and hate Jaclyn, so pot calling the kettle black there Carly don't you think??

Why are you hating on Nicole and Jaclyn too?

I assume, as you already believed she hates Jaclyn, that you had already un-followed her before you read what she said about Manny's two-faced behaviour. Unless you re-subscribed just so you could un-subscribe again. Hehe.

don't understand what you said!

I think that is because you thought I was replying to you. I wasn't. I was replying to "anonymous."
Hope that clears things up. :)

Are you kidding me? Lol. Jaclyn was the one who posted photos of Carli and Nicole, clearly talking crap about the both of them with her twitter followers.

So I saw Karina's video in my recommended list again and decided to check it out again. I noticed the comments were disabled and the description was changed to say her safety has been threatened. I also saw the video VadisRad put up had comments disabled as well. I don't know if any of the other videos made around this subject disabled comments as well. It just kind of sucks that so many people that want to speak the truth are silenced. So I want to thank you for this page!

Yes, I had noticed that too. Very sad. I think it says a lot about what kind of people are supporting Manny and Gerard cosmetics.
I should thank you for continuing to pay attention to this issue. It is so important. Don't let the truth be silenced!

Hey All,

I am one of the people who was involved in this and my video is up above and it said that i had worked things out with manny and took down the video and then corrected it. The video is still up and very much available to watch. I did make it unlisted for like a day because he apologized to me personally which was my issue with MANNY directly, not GC. BUT then i started getting told i was lying about him apologizing so i asked him directly if i could make it public again so people could see his apology and he said yes. Well, minutes later, he deleted his comment and started tweeting shit like "just bc he apologized doesnt make what he did wrong it just makes him the bigger person" so i was like screw that and left it public and completely disregarded his lying ass apology to me. I do NOT think he is a nice person and honestly it doesnt even have to do with his snap, it has to do with his actions AFTER this all happened and how he treated his subscribers who respectfully disagreed with him. He blocked subscribers left and right who didnt harass him or swear or anything just were not kissing his ass about it. If subscribers mean nothing to him like that, then he would do it to any subscriber he has at any time. It boggles my mind how any one can support him after knowing that. With jen, she NEVER even tried to apologize at all and even went as far as to write one of my friends PERSONALLY talking crap about me and when i wrote her and told her to act like an adult and that we could talk personally and maturely, instead of writing me back, she went BACK to my friend to talk MORE trash about me! She was saying i was speaking lies and bullying HER etc and when confronted about it, she ADMITTED she never even watched my video to know was just going off hear say!! Its all BS in my opinion and these other youtubers are backing both of them bc of $$$$$. Thats it. Ive lost faith in almost every bigger youtuber i ever watched. smh This is a great source of accurate information, good on you for making this!!

Thanks for taking the time to drop a comment, and clear up what really went down with Manny. I think it is pretty clear who "the bigger person" is. Honestly, what kind of delusional pills is that guy taking? He can post a snap claiming he can't stop "shitting on hoes faces," and he calls himself the bigger person? What a joke.

Anyway, thank you for that enlightening information. Very helpful indeed. As for Ms. Gerard, her continued efforts at punishing people who called her company on its harassment campaign just demonstrate that this isn't a one-time thing: intimidation and harassment are apparently her mo. I am sorry that you became her target, but thank you so much for standing up and identifying her for the crappy little wannabe mobster that she is.

The bigger youtubers still supporting GC are either incredibly short-sighted, or the company has them gagged and bound. Or perhaps both.

But all my best to you Niki! Keep up the good fight!

I ended up unsubscribing from Marlena over her comment to Carli. I lost so much respect for her after that. As a businesswoman, I hold her to a higher standard. Getting involved in this by calling Carli out like that left a nasty taste in my mouth. I couldn't watch her videos anymore after that.

I am also pretty pissed off about all the whitewashing, and promotion of Manny and Gerard that Marlena has done, while trying to pretend she is neutral. She has basically said that the people speaking out against this are just in it for the drama value. It is unfathomable to her that anyone might just be doing what they think is right, and standing up against a bad company.
And even worse, she has defended the company by victim blaming, and saying that Karina is a rude unhappy person. She is unbelievable. Her whole "I am the voice of reason, let's all play nice" persona is so phony and passive aggressive.

So here is a link to Manny saying he is addicted to shitting on hoes. https://instagramdotcom/p/4qJB_XCfn3/ [ADMIN NOTE: I made this a non-active link, so that Manny does not benefit from the in-link. You can just change the "dot" to an actual "." if you wish to visit his instagram. Alternately, you can view it here without giving him another hit on his instagram. Hope you don't mind this edit, Jessica3llen :)]
He said it on Instagram not Snapchat, which means that it won't disappear like Snapchat does. I don't know how to record it otherwise I would to have a copy of. I know this is about Gerard Cosmetics, but Manny is just as bad and guilty in all of this. I can't believe his piss poor behavior, and his misogynistic rants on social media. He frequently refers to women as bitches and hoes and it is not ok. He also snapped, calling women wearing makeup at 6am bitches (or hoes can't remember which choice word). Which is funny to me, because he is all about wearing makeup.

Furthermore, the fact that Gerard Cosmetics works with this misogynist bully reflects poorly on them. When we are talking about big companies and well known people, if they behave poorly they lose endorsements/sponsors. However, in this messed up Beauty world not only is Manny endorsed, he has created a lipstick with the company!

Thanks so much for the link. With your permission, I will make a little modification to your post, and link to the video on this site. That way no face-shitters will get extra hits on their Instagram. I try to avoid feeding the butt-weasels whenever I can. Let me know if that is ok with you.
In the meantime the video can be seen here

For future reference, here is a link to a little site that will let you download from several different social medias:

Thanks again!

Butt weasels ... Dying over here!!!!!!! Great source of info and that comment just made me laugh!!!

:)Perhaps we should have a sign, "Do not feed the butt-weasels."

What happened to no name calling? Now that you have done the same thing as Manny, shouldn't you be issuing an apology? Not a mature way to moderate a forum... Signing out..

"Butt-weasels", which I did not actually call Manny, is short hand for people behaving badly. In context, I was saying that we should not reward bad behaviour by giving people engaging in it more views. Manny has, on multiple occasions called everyone who called foul on his totally unethical and abusive behaviour "hoes" (sic), and has said that he can't stop "shitting on their faces". But that is just icing on the cake compared to his use of harassment to try to intimidate a small youtuber out of telling the truth about a crappy, unethical company (just because he makes money off of said crappy, unethical company). So, it would have been fair to call him a butt-weasel directly, but I did not.
However, allow me to take this opportunity to formally apologize to Manny in the manner in which he has apologized: I apologize to anyone who was offended--sometimes I just forget how much of a role model I have become; but I don't apologize for what was said; I would also like to point out that I am being the bigger person here, by apologizing; and I just want to thank all of you people who supported me in doing the thing I am apologizing for--love you guys!xx

If you, or anyone, find a youtuber who is promoting products on their site without explicit disclosure of any material benefits they glean from it (e.g. without explicit indication of affiliation, paid advertisement, free products, sponsorship, or merchandise credits, made at the same time, or in the same place as the product endorsement) you can report them to youtube for it. The categories do not fit well, but I would say "spam and abuse...mass advertising" is the closest. I think some people have been using the misleading tags or false metadata one (can't remember the precise name). However, explaining why the content is in violation of FTC rules, and linking to those rules is a great idea. I think we should start with videos promoting GC crap. And perhaps we should do it alphabetically starting at... hmmm... "M" maybe?
It is hard to say what youtube will do, but I have heard that they have started deleting (not suspending) vidoes for this. I imagine they don't want to be deemed culpable for the non-compliance of youtubers.
Just a thought, y'all! :)

Me for one, will never be supporting Gerard cosmetics. I am a huge lover of Manny Mua, but I even think he has acted wrongly. What the hell is wrong with this shady makeup world? Jaclyn hill and Karina are true human beings who are not caught up in the money or fame. I can't believe the snapchat of Gerard's Owner saying that, is deemed as 'Acceptable' in any shape or form. wtf!!!!! Why would you even brag and snapchat it too. This is utterly gross, and me for one will stick to Nice brands and not get caught up in the YouTube review bullshit.

I knew it was something shady about Manny and I stopped following a while back. I'm so glad I read this cause I'm defiently not buying anymore shit from GC and I'm so disapponited in Marlena.

--DELETED WORDS--, he apologised he's probably not going to do it again. We all make mistakes, he's not perfect and very young and inexperienced. For other people like carli to get involved and add more fuel to the fire just made it worse and she has in fact turn more people into --DELETED WORD-- manny with her comment so yea she's not better. --DELETED WORDS-- and reach out to people speak to them privately and tell them what you think. Don't make it public and make other people get involved. Either way I stand love manny.

Carli was disclosing that Manny had --DELETED WORD-- her. I don't see why she should be quiet about it. And blaming victims, and telling them not to "air their dirty laundy in public" is just part of the "shut up and take it" culture that always surrounds abusers, and is as bad as the original offence. Perhaps worse. The fact that you love Manny might explain why you are so willing to overlook what he has done, but it in no way justifies his actions. And as for his "inexperience," as a young person who grew up with cyber-bullying culture in high school, and all the outreach and educational programs on the topic that high schools do now, he has absolutely no claim to inexperience. He knew exactly what he was doing, and what the consequences would be for his victim. The guy has more experience with social media than I do. I would be more likely to excuse him if he were an 80 year old.
And for the record, that was not an apology. An apology is when an offender says "I am sorry I did this to you." It is addressed to the victim, not to someone's public, and it expresses remorse and regret for having done something. 'I am sorry if any of my viewers were offended' does not even come close.
And in the meantime, he has negated even this pretence of an apology by gleefully proclaiming how much he loves "shitting on hoes faces." You can love whomever you like, but I guarantee you that he does not love you back--no matter how many times he says "I love you" on his videos. He is not talking to you, or even to his fans generally. He is talking to himself.

Hi! Since the author of this blog has invited us to put links in the comments to videos in support of the boycott, I am linking to mine here.

Hope you guys will put videos in support of the boycott on your channels too!

I will be updating the page soon to include some new information, and reorganize things a bit. I will try to make a page for boycott videos then. I just need to get a little free time. I will be sure to include yours.
I really hope people will watch your video, because I think you hit the nail straight on the head. Thanks for linking to it here.

So something I find interesting to note is Jaclyn Hill withdrawing her support for GC recently. You notice that if you go to their website, the products that she helped create no longer have her name on them. She talked about it on SnapChat briefly and can be seen in this youtube video.

Also, I haven't checked this page in a bit but I don't mind that you edited my post :) I don't want butt-weasels getting extra views either! lol

Yes, I thought that was very interesting too. Thank you so much for sharing all these great links! :)
I don't know if you have seen it, but there is a little update page here:
where I mention the Jacklyn Hill news. It is hard to say why, exactly, she is making the break, but I am very glad that she is doing so, and I know it must take something for her to do that, so good for her. A definite step in the right direction!